Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL) National Sorority is often referred to as a lesbian sorority, however GRL strives to be inclusive of all members, whether they identify as lesbian, bisexual, ally, transgender, questioning, straight, or with no label. GRL is the first all-inclusive, college-based sorority with chapters throughout the United States. They are a young sorority, and are slowly expanding their membership and chapters. For a list of current chapters and colonies, please see the Chapters page.


Gamma Rho Lambda’s goal is to provide the infrastructure necessary for their chapters, colonies, and members to grow and prosper.

GRL is always looking for new members to join their existing chapters and enthusiastic students to start chapters on their own campuses. GRL also welcomes community members in support of their mission and goals.


Gamma Rho Lambda, Alpha Chapter, was founded in the Fall of 2003 by 12 original members at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. The sorority was established as a social support system for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and alternative lifestyle-friendly female students. Embodying an open and diverse environment for all of its members, the sorority strived to break down barriers between the LGBTQ community and the greater community.

In 2005, Gamma Rho Lambda began the daunting task of expanding nationally, as they had been approached by several interested women on other campuses in the United States. Over the course of the next year, Gamma Rho Lambda worked to expand to these campuses, functioning in a national and local capacity at the same time.

In 2006, with enough alumni members to support a national council, Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority became independent of Alpha Chapter. Since then, Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority has been working not only on expansion, but also adjusting to the needs of their chapters and members, establishing a Foundation, and bettering the community overall through these efforts.